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24 Hours to a Prettier Pout

If you’ve ever dealt with dry, chapped, lips then you know how badly they can affect the look of the rest of your face. With the cold season our lips are becoming more chapped as weather gets icier and winds pick up. Lips, as we often forget, are also skin so we generally overlook them during our skincare routine. No matter what size or shape your lips are, they will always look much more beautiful when they are moisturized and taken care of properly. It is as important to have a lip care routine the same way you have a skincare routine. With an appropriate lip care regimen you can improve the appearance of your lips in as little as 24 hours and create a beautiful canvas for your lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip liners.

  1. Cleanse. Make sure to remove any makeup or lip product from on or around your lips first. 
  2. Exfoliate. Once your skin is free of any makeup or product, be sure to exfoliate. You can do this by either purchasing a lip scrub or creating your own at home. The purpose of a lip scrub is to gently buff away dead and loose skin from the lips. A great lip scrub will both exfoliate and hydrate sensitive lips at the same time. Try looking for lip scrubs with ingredients such as sugar crystals and hydrating oils. A great lip scrub that includes all of this is VIC Cosmetics’ Lips Like Sugar Lip Scrub. 
  3. Overnight lip mask. A great way to make sure your lips are plump by morning is to be sure to condition and hydrate your lips overnight with an overnight lip mask. A great overnight lip treatment will hydrate, plump, and deep condition your lips giving you primed and smooth lips as a perfect canvas for your lipstick or beauty product you wear the next day. Be sure to check out Vic Cosmetics for the Beauty Sleep Lip Mask.
  4. Balm. Now that your lips have been hydrated from a good night’s rest and overnight lip treatment, they’re ready to take on the day! Be sure to protect them throughout the day with a lip balm. A good lip balm will moisturize and protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and blistering winds as seasons progress. Lip balm is also great for priming your lips before applying any cosmetic lip product because it will decrease the appearance of lines on the lips. A great source for hydrating, tinted, plumping lip balms is Vic Cosmetics.

Again, that’s cleanse, exfoliate, treat overnight, and balm. If a lip care regimen has not been on your list before, it will definitely be now since you’ll see how beautiful and healthy your lips can look by adding a few simple steps into your routine overnight.  

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  1. That sounds amazing. I neglect my lips more than I should. I have a lip balm collection too. Of really good lip balms. Only during the winter season do my lips crack and dehydrate.

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