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Double Cleansing Simplified 

Gone are the days when good old soap and water were enough to clean the skin at the end of a long day of work or even longer night out about town. Double cleansing is a wonderful way to remove surface makeup and then getting down to business clearing out the pores of the skin of pore-clogging, acne-causing impurities. Double cleansing is extremely simple and only adds an extra couple of minutes to your regimen. During a double cleanse, makeup, SPF and any dirt built up during the day are removed in the first step. During the second step of a double cleanse sweat and bacteria are cleared from the pores of the skin. This double cleanse can be done using both the VIC Liquid Gold Makeup Removing Oil and the VIC Silky Foam Cleanser.  

Step 1: Oil Cleansing 

During the first phase of the double cleanse you will need to use VIC Liquid Gold Makeup Removing Oil. Make sure both your hands and face are dry (do not use water yet.) This step is important because it is meant to draw out oil-based impurities such as SPF and certain makeup products (including waterproof!)  

What to do: First, pour a small puddle of your oil cleanser into the palm of your dry hands (about the size of a quarter.)  Rub your hands together to warm the oil and massage it (using gentle circular motions) all over your dry face. Next, add water to your face massaging it until the oil turns milky in appearance. This process is called emulsification and it ensure that your face won’t feel greasy after it is washed. Next rinse off the oil cleanser with lukewarm water. 

Step 2: Foam Cleansing 

This second step is important because it will clear out water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.  

What to do: After the oil cleanser is completely cleaned off, take the VIC Silky Foam Cleanser and dispense a small amount of product on to hands, add water and work into a lather. VIC Silky Foam Cleanser is formulated to gently dissolve away makeup and surface impurities to reveal fresh, clean skin. The rich, foamy lather will leave skin feeling revitalized and invigorated after a long day.   

Properly taking off your cleanser is vital. To ensure no residue is left behind, splash three more times after you feel like you’ve got everything off.  

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